About Francy's Gourmet Coffee Traders

About Francy's Gourmet Coffee Traders

Carrying on a Family Tradition of Direct-trade, Gourmet Beans

Welcome to Francy's Gourmet Coffee Traders, a family-owned and -operated business specializing in wholesale and retail coffee. We are proud to offer only the highest-quality 100% organic Colombian, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian coffee beans sourced from local farms across the world.

Our Story:
Jerry and Francy Bateman founded Francy’s Gourmet Coffee Traders in August of 2015, with the goal of bringing sustainability to the coffee industry. Since then, Francy’s has built relationships with amazing small-lot specialty coffee farmers and their families. Thanks to them we can bring you the tastiest beans Colombia has to offer!

A farmer harvests fresh coffee beans.

At Francy's Gourmet, we are direct trade pioneers in the coffee industry and focus on building relationships with farmers and suppliers worldwide. Our commitment to direct trade means we cut out the middleman, allowing us to offer our customers affordable pricing for fresh, high-quality coffee. In addition, our direct trade practices enable us to directly support over 150 families in Colombia by investing in family farms across the country.

Our story began with Pablo, the current owner, who was asked by his parents to take over the family business. In 2021, we shut down our coffee shop, Francy's Gourmet Roastery & Cafe, to focus on supplying wholesale coffee to cafes, restaurants, and retail shops across the country! With a background in finance and a passion for all things coffee, Pablo has been busy building relationships with farms worldwide to bring fresh, organic beans to Denver, CO, and beyond. We even sell raw coffee beans to roasters across the area!

Thank you for considering Francy's Gourmet Coffee Traders for all your coffee needs. We look forward to serving you the best coffee around. Contact us today to learn more or place an order!

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Why Choose Francy's?

  • 100% Organic Coffee Beans
  • Direct Trade Practices = Lower Prices
  • Fair Business Practices & Ethically Sourced
  • Our Subscription Services Save You Money
  • White Label Coffee Available
  • Green Coffee Available for Roasting

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