About us

Francy and Jerry met in Colombia and fell hopelessly in love. In 2009, they got married in Denver and started their lives together. Soon after retirement, Jerry surprised Francy by giving her the cafe she had always dreamed about. In 2015 Francy's Gourmet was up and running.

We take great pride in serving only fair-trade coffee at our eponymous cafe. We not only offer the freshest coffee in town, but we also have excellent quality loose-leaf tea, tropical smoothies, and more!

To give our costumers the boost they need, Francy’s Gourmet Coffee & Food Shop accompanies its coffee beverages with a delectable breakfast and lunch menu. With a penchant for healthy and fresh food, the cafe uses only locally grown fresh meats, dairy, and produce in the menu.

It has been one year since the opening date, and we could not be more grateful for our loyal customers without whom we could have never made it.